Thursday, 19 November 2015

Virtual and Simulation Learning

The vast number of learning institutions developing and using Virtual Learning Environments today reflects the benefits for all stakeholders.   

This Virtual-Makeover   is a fantastic way for Esthetics students to play with makeup and learn complementary colour combinations without the mess or a large initial investment.  There are other fun and interactive virtual hair styling and/or makeover sites to explore and utilise in our program. 

 "The virtual learning environment needs to simulate the learning process, using goals and objectives to measure the learners’ achievement."

WOW, is my reaction to reading this article about googles new virtual reality device. This amazing cardboard virtual reality headset, works when you combine it with your iPhone or android device.  The fact that it's so cheap is wonderful, around $20.  I think this would be an amazing tool for rescue organizations to utilize to help people during critical situations until the rescue team can arrive.

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