Lecture creatively:

 Gamifiaction and game based learning:

Questioning techniques:

Goal setting:

Instructional strategies:  

Formal and Informal assessment:

Learning how to learn:

Learning Styles:

Learning styles & the importance of critical self-reflection | Tesia Marshik | TEDxUWLaCrosse 


Flipped Classrooms/Learning:

Eli, (2012). 7 Things You Should Know about Flipped Classroom. In

Multiple Intelligences:

Gardner, H, (1999a), A Multiplicity of Intelligences. Intelligence, 9(4), p 21. In Merriam, S, Caffarella, R, Baumgartner, L, (2007), Learning in Adulthood, Wiley & Sons; San Francisco

Kallenbach, S, (1999) Emerging Themes in Adult Multiple Intelligences, Focus on Basics, Volume 3, Issue A, pp. 16–20 .  In

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