Friday, 20 November 2015

Flip it

Flipped learning has been around a long time, this approach has student’s do a pre-reading task or watch a short lecture via video before the class.  This can be done at home or wherever they choose.  The class time is freed up from presenting material to doing activities do reinforce the material already viewed and build on that knowledge.  

I am eager to install some flipped classes in our Esthetics program.  One such class would look like this. Students would watch a short video on the theory aspects of sanitation and disinfection.  Then class time is used to perform the sanitation procedures using checklists as a formative assessment tool.  In the classroom the students are actively participating in tasks connected to the content delivered via video etc, during these tasks there is greater opportunity for learners to be receiving support from their peers and receiving feedback from the instructor when needed.  There must be a safe positive environment established for students to feel comfortable and make personal learning connections.  

Our PIDP 3250 class brainstormed in class activities and ways to flip a classroom here are the suggestions, Thanks to all who contributed. 
  • Role playing
  • Homework - "Ask the expert" during class time
  • Play Jeopardy with terms introduced in the video
  • Have them critique how well the video brought concepts across
  • Get them to answer a questionnaire about the material
  • Make a pop quiz at beginning of class worth 2% 
  • Go on a field trip to a relevant destinations
  • Have a guest speaker
  • Students form groups and come up with games for class
  • Team based Learning
  • Immediate feedbvack assessment techniques
  • Discuss a audio recording or video in class  
  • Students help each other and compare, collaborate, assess and demonstrate
  • Working backwards... on purpose
  • Review the  lesson for the next day and come to school to carry out/practice the task/objective 

Another great source of in class activities and assessment ideas is here.

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