Thursday, 5 November 2015

Call to Mind

To follow on my previous post on the topic of Visible Learning and John Hattie's 8 Mindframes.  

I believe all 8 points are essential for teachers to Know thy Impact of our teaching on the students.  Moving forward I will develop my thinking and embrace these mindframes by regularly analyzing, evaluating and adjusting my teaching to maximize the teaching and learning process. 
The mind frames that resonate most with me are numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7. 
#1 and 2, - these are about me taking action and actively checking the productiveness of my teaching and making the necessary adjustments when required. 
#4 - assessments indicate my impact on the class, not the student performance.
#7 - treating all participants with kindness and respect  fosters a positive environment for all people.  I hope my authentic passion for Esthetics, will encourage students to be curious and find me approachable.

visible-learning-for-teachers-by-john-hattie Hattie’s 8 Mind Frames

  1. My fundamental task is to evaluate the effect of my teaching on students’ learning and achievement.
  2. The success and failure of my students’ learning is about what I do or don’t do. I am a change agent.
  3. I want to talk more about learning than teaching.
  4. Assessment is about my impact.
  5. I teach through dialogue not monologue.
  6. I enjoy the challenge and never retreat to “doing my best”.
  7. It’s my role to develop positive relationships in class and staffrooms.
  8. I inform all about the language of learning.  

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