Thursday, 19 November 2015

Critical Thinking - Standards for Thinking

I felt a strong desire to keep these video's very accessible as I will revisit them, I'm sure many times, in the future.  Dr Richard Paul discusses intellectual Standards for Thinking and desirable attributes for thinking.  He breaks down 5 attributes within the Standards for Thinking and offers examples of questions to ask to entice high level thinking and answers.  

Intellectual Standards for Thinking:  
  • Clarity - clear thoughts (Can you elaborate? / Can you give an example?)
  • Precision - detail, specifying (relevant to context)
  • Accuracy - is this accurate (How can we test this?) 
  • Relevance - is the answer relevant to the question
  • Depth- is the  level of depth appropriate when answering a complex question
Paul, R,.  

Critical Thinking - Standards of Thought - Part 1

Critical Thinking - Standards of Thought - Part 2

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