Sunday, 21 February 2016

Where to next?

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I love this picture, it speaks to me of growth with balance.  A oxymoron, can there be growth without tipping the balance scales even slightly.  I think not.  But a little agitation can sometimes lead to incidents of unsuspected learning. That is my main goal for the next few years, growth with balance.
Reflecting on my journey thus far in the PIDP, I have realized the enormous learning journey I have been involved with and at times it has completely consumed my life.  My apologies to my family and gratitude for your support.  Okay some detail to my 5 year plan to becoming a more competent and effective instructor.
  • gain full time employment as an Esthetics instructor
  • complete the PIDP within 12 months
  • take a short course to improve my nail enhancement skills
  • improve my critical and creative thinking skills by keeping a journal on my experiences as an instructor
  • improve my presentation skills thru organizing a mentor or peer coaching time with an inspiring colleague
  • be a guest presenter with other Esthetics programs
  • develop a short course that focuses on making connections with clients. There is much focus on the practical skills of performing a safe and enjoyable treatment which of course is essential, but I want to focus on how to build and retain clientele. A successful career which is also financially satisfying requires emotional connections to be established with people who will more likely return to you because of the relationship which has grown. 
Of course, the consuming feelings I have experienced in learning are entirely my own doing but going forward I will commit to my learning with a healthy balance with my personal life by setting a schedule for study and sticking to it. 

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