Monday, 22 February 2016

Professional Ethics in the Cosmetology Industry

In Western Canada our industry has a Non-governmental Beauty Council which has taken on the role to provide Federal and Provincial guidelines and a Code of Ethics for members of our industry.  Unfortunately these are guidelines and we are not monitored or regulated by a Government body.  The Beauty Council requests Hairdressers, Nail Technicians and Estheticians in the industry to become active members with an annual membership.  This non-compulsory industry established license for technicians is attained by passing a industry standards exam to show they are upholding a level of professional standards. 

The Beauty Council Code of Ethics states:
Cosmetology Professionals shall:
  • be guided by honesty, accountability, fairness and integrity in all business transactions
  • uphold established industry qualifications
  • commit to ongoing professional development
  • strive to enhance the public image of the cosmetology sector
Standards of Practice  
  • Members will ensure clients are respected and the clients' best interests are served at all times
  • Members will ensure clients' privacy and modesty is safeguarded and all client information is kept confidential
  • Members will ensure services are only provided within the scope of respective certification(s) and not utilize any technique/procedure in which adequate training has not been received
  • Members will ensure all usage instructions and guidelines provided by product and equipment manufacturers are strictly adhered to
  • Members will ensure all services provided follow the health & safety recommendations of the association and public authorities
  • Members will ensure they are abreast of current industry knowledge and the latest techniques  
  • Members will ensure clients are provided clear and realistic information regarding the goals and outcomes of service and/or products and only accurate and truthful claims are made regarding the potential benefits of the techniques rendered or products recommended
  • Members will refrain from making statements on the efficacy services that are not supported by the generally accepted experience of the profession
  • Members will ensure that clients' issues are handled in a fair and expeditious manner
  • Members will ensure that work is to the highest standard of ethical and professional conduct
  • Members will provide a positive image and promote excellence in the cosmetology industry

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