Friday, 29 January 2016


Teaching Perspective Inventory
Thanks for taking the TPI Survey on 01/29/2016.
Group: PIDP - Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (VCC).
Specific learners focused on: Vocational/Technical.
Group Size: 2-9.
Your results can be viewed at Your TPI Survey

Calculated survey results:
Transmission Total: (Tr) 37.
B = 13; I = 11; A = 13.
Apprenticeship Total: (Ap) 38.
B = 11; I = 14; A = 13.
Developmental Total: (Dv) 32.
B = 12; I = 11; A = 9.
Nurturing Total: (Nu) 38.
B = 11; I = 14; A = 13.
Social Reform Total: (SR) 25.
B = 8; I = 7; A = 10.
Beliefs total: (B) 55
Intentions total: (I) 57
Action total: (A) 58
Mean: (M) 34
Standard Deviation: (SD) 5.02
Dominant Threshold: (HIT) 39.02
Recessive Threshold: (LOT) 28.98
Overall Total: (T) 170

This was a revealing exercise.  My viewpoints are quite strong except for social reform and there is little differentiation between the transmission, apprenticeship and nurturing perspectives.  My dominant perspectives are apprenticeship and nurturing, with scores of 38.  The backup perspective is transmission sitting very close with a score of 37.   This makes sense to me with regards to learning Esthetics.  The developmental perspective ranked in the recessive area, but the most recessive by quite a lot is the social reform perspective.  This was a surprise for as one of my main motivating reasons for moving towards Esthetics teaching is to improve the quality of the cosmetology industry.  The TPI shows my lack of attention to this area, with a clear discrepancy between my intention and actions in regards to social reform. 
In the transmission perspective my beliefs, intention and actions align but in all four other perspectives there are some inconsistencies.  This may be due to focusing on the student’s skills with performing services to a high degree and their theoretical knowledge.  Or it may be me being wishy washy about my beliefs, I do change my mind a bit!  The highest sub-scores (14) being intention, occur within my dominant perspectives of both apprenticeship and nurturing, and are followed by a similar action sub-score of 13.   I am happy to see these are aligned and I am following thru on my intent. 
Overall this profile is how I see myself as an educator.  I would like to give more attention to strengthening the developmental and social reform perspectives.  I will be interested to take this exercise again in the future and see where there are differences. 

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