Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Learning styles

There has been some debate whether learning styles are relevant or not.  Learning styles are common learning behaviors grouped together and of course not all persons learn the same so these behavior groups help educators to develop lessons that incorporate at least a few of these learning preferences into their lesson plans. After doing more research, I have come to realise that learning styles are a myth.  They are not as a method to which I must instruct for or towards, but sensory pathways to help students make connections or find meaning to the content or material they are receiving.  I will use sensory instructional strategies that best fits the course content I am delivering.  By doing this I hope to engage students, present more creative and diverse lessons which ultimately will help students learn more efficiently and effectively. 
Maryellen Weimer, (2014), suggests
The most powerful message of the learning styles movement is that content must be delivered in different ways.  Moreover, variation in instructional methods develops a broad range of learning skills. Students may have a learning preference, but that is not the only way they can learn, nor should it be the only way they are taught.”

Weimer, M. (2104). What’s the Story on Learning Styles? Retrieved from:

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