Sunday, 6 March 2016

Lifelong Learning 

I have been and will always be a "lifelong learner".  On a personal level learning provides me with the intellectual stimulation I crave.  The satisfaction that results from me participating in the lessons my life and interests present is so enticing it motivates me probe further and never sit on the sidelines.  If I allow my mind to become stagnate I lose interest, and so I find learning critical to my mental health and well being. 
As a professional lifelong learning supports me in reaching my fullest potential and thus opening doors for greater opportunities in the workplace.   I hope by modelling my own sense of curiosity and passion for learning, I can inspire students to cultivate their own love of learning.  Creating space for learning can help us to broaden our minds and be open to differing ideas and beliefs.   I believe that keeping current with trends and new or changing information will assist me in meeting students needs in an ever changing world.  Lifelong learning provides the means by which I can continue to serve those in all aspects of my life with growing wisdom. 

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